About Lazaros Images

- Pinnacle action in auto racing, equestrian, sporting events

- Entrancing Landscapes rendered in natural light

- Candid portraits that depict the soul

- Captivating wildlife

- Travel impressions catching the "detail" and the "cliche"

Lazaros Darzentas - By the name, you know I'm Greek. Raised in Coral Gables, Florida, educated as a Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Florida. Professional photographer published locally since 1998. Inquisitive, with a Joie de Vivre, eager to engage and explore. Lazaros is inspired to create images by a passion for the process, bringing emotion and many smiles to the client. I've had many years of shooting chrome film which influences how I shoot digital and post processing. I much prefer creativity in natural light to the heavily edited. Lets begin a conversation about YOUR IMAGES!

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